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Where to Next? Power Platform World Tour Heads to Australia - it's not too late to register!

By Erin Gregoire posted Nov 18, 2019 06:26 PM


On the 21-22 of November, the Power Platform World Tour will be making its way across the globe to Sydney, Australia for 2 information-packed days with 32+ sessions focused enhancing your Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow skills. The event will kick-off with attendees having the chance to hear directly from the Power Platform product source, Microsoft.


Keynote Speakers


Michael O'Keefe, Business Group Leader for Business Applications at Microsoft 


Charles Sterling, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Andrew Coates, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft


Alice Drummond, Director of Environmental Analytics and Co-Founder of DiscoverEI

Lisa Crosbie, Technology Evangelist at Barhead Solutions and Microsoft Business Applications MVP

Will be joining the Power Platform World Tour team from Dynamic Communities on the main stage to deliver the event’s featured keynote presentation.

The Power Platform has seen an amazing uptake even within the last year – and it’s only going to go up from there. Come get the latest insight from Microsoft on what’s coming next for the Power Platform, and how you can prepare you and your organization for taking the next step towards unlocking the full potential of Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow.


Industry Expert-Stacked Sessions

All of the Power Platform World Tour city locations have knowledge-packed sessions led by industry experts, but Sydney is bound to meet an even higher level of greatness, as there will be sessions led by Microsoft, company CEO’s, Microsoft MVPs, and so much more.


One particular session to put on your “must-attend” list is:

Matt Allington’s, Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP, session focused on learning about the functional language of “M”:


Power Query is a fabulous tool for cleansing and loading your data into Power BI and Excel. The UI is excellent and it lets you do almost anything you can imagine just by clicking on the menu options. However, under the hood of Power Query is a very powerful functional language called “M,” and it isn’t always the easiest to fully understand its capabilities.


Thankfully, there is a simple way to let UI teach you how the language works just by using the Power Query tool. Learn more about the basics of “M” and how it can lead to writing better queries, all within 60 minutes.



If you’re ready to take your Power Platform knowledge to the next level by learning how to better Analyze with Power BI, Act with PowerApps, and Automate with Flow, now is your time to register!