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  • 1.  Power App Form to Submit for a Project based on SharePoint List

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Aug 31, 2021 11:38 AM
    Hi There,

    My first very post related to Power Apps. So this should be my first form that I need to create using Power App.

    I'm sure if I google for the requirement I'm looking for, I can get some solutions, but that could be in pieces.

    See below requirement:

    1. I'll be having a SharePoint List, were users will be filling the details. Once the SharePoint List is submitted, my Power App will look something like below:
    "Project Description" will act as a button. Some of the columns should not be visible in below App (screen shot)

    2. From the above screen, once the users click on "Project Description" button, it should than take the users to the below screen:
        In the below Power App Form, users should see all the text columns that we added to SharePoint List.

    If users, clicks on "Home Page", it should take to first screen shot

    3. And once the users clicks on "Apply for below Project" button, it should open below form:

    Some of the details to get Auto update in above form.

    • Applicant Name: Auto Populate Current System User Name 
    • Applicant Manager: Auto Populate Manager name of Current System User Name
    • Project No: Auto Populate from SharePoint List (should be not editable)
    • Project Leader: Auto Populate from SharePoint List (should be not editable)

    And some drop down options and attachment. And once the user clicks on "Submit Project", E-mail should go for review to Project Leader and Applicant Manager.

    Appreciate if someone could guide me in this regards.


    Prem Guru

  • 2.  RE: Power App Form to Submit for a Project based on SharePoint List

    Top Contributor
    Posted Sep 24, 2021 12:18 PM
    It seems like you are asking for help writing the entire app - I think this may be a bit much to ask of the community. I would look up some YouTube videos from Shane Young, Daniel Christian or April Dunnam. They can give you a good base of knowledge creating some of the parts. After you get some of the app working, the community will be glad to help you iron out the problems.

    Brian Scott
    Chief Creative Officer
    Concord NC