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  • 1.  Navigate to new form after the form is submitted

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Mar 23, 2022 10:20 AM

    I've created a form in Power Apps, where I have a submit button and clear button.

    Formula for Submit Form button - SubmitForm(Form1)
    Formula for Clear Form button - ResetForm(Form1)

    I've created a step, when the user clicks on Submit button, it navigates to success screen (as below)

    Now I want one more step to add - that when the user submits the form, it should navigate to success screen and after 2 seconds if should go back to new form, so the users can immediately fill the form, if needed.

    Prem Guru

  • 2.  RE: Navigate to new form after the form is submitted

    Silver Contributor
    Posted Mar 24, 2022 04:03 AM
    Hi Prem,

    the easiest solution is to add a Timer control on your success page, set the timer to 2 seconds and add the Navigate(yourform) to the "OnTimerEnd" property.
    That way when the timer starts (best set it to start automatically in this case), it will count 2 seconds and perform the event that you specified when the timer stops

    Koen Mathijs