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  • 1.  Get dropdown selected value (Default vs Selected)

    Posted Oct 20, 2021 08:36 AM
    I´m struggeling with the both properties "Default" and "Selected" of a dropdown. Here´s my scenario.
    I am using a dropdown as part of a repeating table (collection, gallery and input fields).

    I can create a new item via a button to show a popup with the empty fields or open an existing table item to edit an existing item.
    My problem now is, when patching the item: When i create a new item, i can use "dropdown.selected.Value" to patch the selected value.
    But when i open an existing item, it shows the previous selected item from the collection in "Default", but when i dont manually select it again, it doesnt show any value in "Selected.Value".

    --> How can i get the value that is shown in the dropdown, ​independentily if i manually selected a value or if i leave the default
    "...selected.Value" only brings the manually selected value but is blank, when i leave the default value.
    I´m using the following in "Default" and in "DeftaultSelectedItems":

    Fabian Heil

  • 2.  RE: Get dropdown selected value (Default vs Selected)

    Top Contributor
    Posted Oct 21, 2021 07:20 AM
    When you open the existing item you need to Set a variable to the current value of the field feeding the dropdown, Use that variable to set your Dropdown Default. In your "New" button you will have to Set that  variable to whatever value you want new entries to have (or to nothing).

    Brian Scott
    Chief Creative Officer
    Concord NC