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Adding,deleting,copying new row to gallery using collection

  • 1.  Adding,deleting,copying new row to gallery using collection

    Posted Mar 18, 2022 03:39 AM


    I have a gallery and a hidden Button inside. On all gallery controls on property "On Change" i have Select(Button) formula. On the Button on property "On Select" I have my formula to add changes to collection so whenever user make any change on the gallery items the button is pressed and it is added to collection. That work fine. But here is the issue i do not understand.

    I have created another 2 buttons. One of them adds new blank line into gallery( i patch a record into data source) and whenever the new line is added all existing gallery items are recorded into collection and i don't understand why.

    Same situation is with button copy where i copy First gallery item into data source and within copying it also makes other list items recorded into collection.
    Also the same with delete icon besides each gallery item. If i delete item all present items in gallery are pushed to collection thow no changes for the items are made 

    What i am doing wrong and how to solve it?