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Checkbox in model driven app

  • 1.  Checkbox in model driven app

    Posted Oct 18, 2021 12:48 PM
    Can you help me how to implement this:
    I have a projects table and a components table that have a relationship one to many
    I have a Attributes table that is linked to Components table. Each component will have to undergo 5 stages when it reaches production finish. These stages are stored in Attributes table.
    What i want to achieve is to select a project and when selecting it also returns all components associated with this project and aside each component it has to return each Stage(from Attributes table) where i could checkbox the component ant select desired stage and enter the stage start date. Same has to be also when component one stage is finished i need also to select that component and enter component stage end date.
    Do i need to record stage start date and stage end date in different table or i need to record it in components table? and how do i configure it to work with chekboxes?