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Only show employees for their manager

  • 1.  Only show employees for their manager

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Feb 14, 2022 04:23 AM


    I'm looking at an app that was created by a colleague who as recently left.

    I've been asked to add this feature where, who signs in to the app they can only see there direct reporting line.

    So the CEO can see every one in their department

    Manager can see all employees 

    Team leader can only see their employees.  Hope that makes sense? 

    I see there is an option  'Office365Users.DirectReportV2'.

    The error I'm getting is 'Invocation of Unknown or Unsupported function"

    The outcome wanted is when the Manager signs in they only see their departments names in the list for Absences.  Currently the Gallery is displaying all records from the SharePoint list

    Chris Clark
    Application Support Developer / Analyst