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ThisItem / ThisRecord in Gallery

  • 1.  ThisItem / ThisRecord in Gallery

    Posted Apr 25, 2022 03:34 AM

    i am currently struggeling with ThisItem and ThisRecord when collecting items. My Structure is a bit complex.

    I have a gallery with "DataSource1"
    Within the Gallery, i have a checkbox. When checking the checkbox, i want to collect items from two others lists ("DataSource2" and "DataSource3"), depending on the selected row/checkbox. So, in the end, i have three levels of datasources. Collecting the items from Datasource2 works fine. Within one column of that collection, i want to concat data from Datasource3. To get the right data, i need to filter it. My problem is, that i cannot access the columns of Datasource2.

    When i use "ThisItem", i access Datasource 1 (Gallery) and when i use ThisRecord, i access Datasource3. Does anyone have an idea on this?

    Fabian Heil