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  • 1.  Remove line breaks from concated multitext

    Posted Nov 30, 2021 02:54 AM
    Hi, i am storing multiple multitext values in a sharepoint list and want to preview and concat these values in a list.
    But i need to remove the linebreaks (in case there are some) to show it in one line.

    This is how my formula currently looks like.

    Can someone help me out here?

    Fabian Heil

  • 2.  RE: Remove line breaks from concated multitext

    Top Contributor
    Posted 21 days ago
    Hi @Fabian Heil,
    This should work
             'RIS - ISA Positionen',
    	     Title = ThisItem.Title &&
             ISA_x002d_Schicht = ThisItem.'ISA Schicht'
          FreieStrecke_x002f_Bahnhof & " / "

    Warren Belz
    Queensland Australia