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Alternate Row Color --> Delegation?

  • 1.  Alternate Row Color --> Delegation?

    Posted 15 days ago


    i want to show an alternate row color in my app, so every second row is colored gray.

    I found i way, but i realized that it has an impact on how the gallery loads the data.

    When i directly put the datasource (Dataverse table) into the Gallery items, it loads the first 100 items and when i scroll to the bottom, it loads the next 100.

    To achieve the alternate row color, i only found a way to do it with an additional row number and a mod-formula in "Template Fill".

                    {rowNumber: Value}

    It works fine, but it seems that it leads to a non delegable formula (at least, the gallery loads all items until the item limit is reached and not 100 after the next 100).

    Do you have any other idea, how to achieve an alternate row color, but delegable and with the loading approach mentioned above?

    Fabian Heil