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  • Hi @Sara Hopp , Has she tried logging in on another computer? Also have you cleared the browser cache? ​ ------------------------------ Warren Belz Queensland Australia ------------------------------

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    RE: SP site columns

    HI @CHARTIER JEAN-LUC , Would this by any chance bean Image type column?​ These are not currently compatible with Power Apps (or Power Automate). If not what type is it? ------------------------------ Warren Belz Queensland Australia ---------- ...

  • Hi Beth, From a month perspective, the current month text in the format you have is "Jan" Text(Today(),"[$-en]mmm") and last month is "Dec" Text(DateAdd(Today(),-1,Months),"[$-en]mmm") The year of last month would be If(Month(Today()) = ...

  • You can get the current month with Month(Today()) or Text(Today(),"mmm") and the previous month is DateAdd(Today(),-1,Months), so therefore the month would be Text(DateAdd(Today(),-1,Months),"mmm") etc. ------------------------------ Will Page Technical ...

  • Hi there, I have two SharePoint lists that I am bringing into my power app - one is Census list and the other is Reg list - same fields in each. Every month, roughly 700 new items will be added to each list. The list contains month and year choice fields ...

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  • Hello Techies/Readers, This blog will teach you  How to connect Business  Central Data in Power Apps .   Check below  step by step process.   Step 1:-    Go to the  home.dynamics.com  and then Open  PowerApps . ...

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