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  • If you are experienced with the Microsoft Power Platform and love sharing with the community, then now is your chance to step up and speak during Summit North America!   The community is coming back together,  in person , for an extraordinary ...

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    Getting your data

    Hello All, I have been working on a canvas app that I thought was working well but have learned that when users go through the second new record creation it stalls out with a "getting your data" message. I have an initial user input screen where an employee's ...

  • Found the solution :)  I used the CountIf-formula ------------------------------ Fabian Heil ------------------------------

  • I have a list of request items shown in a gallery. The request items contains of 1 request item and mutliple sub items connected via request item ID. I want to show an "i" Icon in the gallery, when there are blank fields in the request or sub items. ...

  • Hi Jiken, glad to hear you got it resolved. Also be aware that if you change anything on your SQL Table scheme after you have added the connection to a canvas app you need to at least refresh it, in some cases even remove it and add it again before ...

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  • Hello Techies/Readers, This blog will teach you  How to connect Business  Central Data in Power Apps .   Check below  step by step process.   Step 1:-    Go to the  home.dynamics.com  and then Open  PowerApps . ...

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