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Dataverse Security Roles vs PowerApps "Roles"

  • 1.  Dataverse Security Roles vs PowerApps "Roles"

    Posted Oct 10, 2022 03:44 AM

    i am new to Dataverse security. I developed an app and inside my app, i have some different roles. Depending on the roles, different parts or screens of the app are visible or hidden. This role management is maintained in a dataverse table and when opening the app, it collects the roles, that i am assigned to. So far so good :)

    I want to achieve that the users only see, add, edit data through the PowerApp but not see the data in the Dataverse Table itself.
    I began to read about the sceurity roles, but its not clear to me, what thats means.

    --> When i hide the tables via security role, i cannot see the dataverse table in the PowerApps Maker studio. But can i still see or add data through the PowerApp?
    --> Is it possible, that i assign e.g. read and write permissions for a dataverse table but hide the whole table in the maker studio, so that the users only see the data through the PowerApp?

    Fabian Heil