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  • 1.  Dataverse User lookup does no retrieve all metadata

    Posted Jan 17, 2023 07:37 AM

    i am often working with lookups to the dataverse users table. To compare or filter by a user, i am using the email adress, because this is unique for every user.
    e.h. Filter(datasource,EmployeeLookup.Email = User().Email). This works fine in most cases.
    But sometimes i have a strange behaviour - it can show the displayname of the user, but other information are shown as empty, although they are existing in the users table.

    Displayname works:

    Email does not show up:

    But in the table, both information are existing:

    And in other parts of the app, the same behavior works fine :( And idea?

    Fabian Heil

  • 2.  RE: Dataverse User lookup does no retrieve all metadata

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Jan 30, 2023 06:37 AM
    Hi Fabian, just for testing, I would add the data into a Gallery to see if the data is not fully loaded into the app or if the Lookup function may cause this. Also, can you may try to put the data into a collection and do the lookup against the collection.


    Stefan Sauerländer
    Business Analyst

  • 3.  RE: Dataverse User lookup does no retrieve all metadata

    Posted Feb 20, 2023 09:45 AM

    Hi Stefan,

    the data is already in a collection and is already shown in the gallery. With "Lookup", i dont mean the formula in PowerApps, but the columns type in Dataverse:

    ("Benutzer" is the german name for the Dataverse users table).

    Here is my steps:

    1.) OnVisible property of the Screen: Collect a filtered table in a collection (this table contains a user lookup column called "Mitarbeiter" - see screenshot above)

    2.) Show the collection in the gallery and added two labels (1 for display name, 1 for email adress)

    --> DisplayName is shown, Email adress is not visible (see Screenshots above)

    Fabian Heil