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  • 1.  PowerApps - Feasibility ???

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Jan 27, 2023 09:38 AM

    Hope everyone is good!


    Question : Is it possible to create an attendance system [using Power apps] that allows :

    1 . Professor can create session and have multiple session under his name : Session or Class will have specific information as follow :

        - Class name, Hours, Date, Topic, Open/Closed/Cancelled, Address ......


        - Automatically, the new session created will be attached to survey where participants will add their information as Name, ID, Diploma, Address, Age, ....

    2 - Professor can create link for this session (#1) and share it with participants  for registration.


    3 - Participants / Students can use the shared link  to open survey and respond to questions (Name, ID, Diploma, Address, Age, ....)


    4. Professor will use this survey results [list] as attendance file and store the data for this specific survey.


    Thank you Everyone.

    S B
    Data Manager

  • 2.  RE: PowerApps - Feasibility ???

    Silver Contributor
    Posted Jan 30, 2023 03:37 AM
    for sure this is possible. It all depends on how you want to gather the information though.

    The way I see it (on top of my head, very high level):
    * create a Sharepoint list for Sessions with all the above columns that you need
    * connect a Power app form to create and update sessions
    * Create a second Sharepoint list for Survey which connects to Sessions (many-to-1)
    * choose how to populate this data (Power app or MS Forms), maybe collect the data and store it using Power Automate
    * Professor should be able to filter the Survey table with a lookup to the Session table and create an attendance list

    Off course you can choose your data platform (Dataverse, SQL, Sharepoint). I went with Sharepoint because of the free and easy integration with other systems but it depends on how many records and how it should be made available to other users

    Koen Mathijs

  • 3.  RE: PowerApps - Feasibility ???

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Jan 30, 2023 08:31 AM
    @Koen Mathijs

    Thank you so much for the detailed answer. Yes, my schema in mind is to :
    1. Create SharePoint list for the course info
    2. Create SharePoint list for the participants (list)
    3. And Create SharePoint list for the final survey (after attendance)

    4 . All this lists will be linked (Deep link) One to One relationship .
    ​5. I think Power Automate will help , sending notification after registration / Survey and/or deletion of data as well.

    6. Row Level Security: I've never done that at the level of PowerApps or Power Automate, but I will look at some resources on line to learn more deeply.

    If you have any links that can help, please copy me .

    All Folks, Please let me know your thoughts and feedback on our 2 answers and add if anything needs to be clarified . Your add-in is always appreciated.

    Thank you.

    S B
    Data Manager