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Time Zone issue when exporting/importing to Dataverse

  • 1.  Time Zone issue when exporting/importing to Dataverse

    Posted 22 days ago


    i have a Dataverse table with some date fields that i fill with data from a PowerApps.

    Within a version deployment i need to import and adjust some data in this table via the "Edit data in Excel" feature in Dataverse.

    I now found out that it has some strange behavior with the date fields. I am in the time zone "UTC+1 Berlin". Lets say i have an entry with the date 2nd April 2023 in Dataverse.

    When i export the table (or use the "Edit data in Excel" feature), the exported date seems to be in UTC, so it shows as "2023-04-01T23:00:00Z", so 1 day earlier.

    And also when i pick date in the excel file via calender it adds in format e.g. "2023-04-03T23:00:00Z" and when importing the data, it adds 1h (or in this case 1 day).

    How can i match the timezones with Dataverse and Excel, so that i uses the same time zone?

    Fabian Heil