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Trying to create a sample Power BI Report Builder project

  • 1.  Trying to create a sample Power BI Report Builder project

    Posted Oct 18, 2022 12:19 PM
    Edited by Joe Gratz Oct 19, 2022 02:50 PM
    Hello all,

    Like the title said, I am having some trouble learning Power BI Report Builder. (I hope this is the right place to post about this. if not, please point me in the right direction.)

    I have created a sample Power BI Report Builder project using car insurance data. Basically, I want to show a deductible (which is a Measure in my data source, and an identical Field in two datasets), along with a percentage (Calculated Field) and a data bar, divided up by State and City (both fields built into my data source). The Percentage column in the State rows should show what percent of the total deductible in the data comes from each state, and the Percentage column in the City rows should show what percent of the state's total deductible comes from each city. The data bar should reflect the percent column in that row.

    Here is a visual representation (I've never used this website before, so I hope the image isn't too blurry):

    (For the sake of this post, Direct_Claim_Deductible_Recoverable will be referred to as "Deductible".)

    I have the Deductible column down. It is simply taking data from the DataSet dataset. The bottom column is taking the total of that data for the specified criteria of Year and City.

    The Pct% column should show a percentage as described above, but instead it just takes the Deductible column and divides by 1000.

    EDIT: Here is the Pct% column formula, which I have now been told should be correct:

    =round(((sum(Fields!Direct_Claim_Deductible_Recoverable_End_Of_Year.Value) / Sum (Fields!Direct_Claim_Deductible_Recoverable_End_Of_Year.Value, "Percent"))*100),2)

    The Bar column shows a data bar. In the city columns it is reflecting the Pct% column like it is supposed to. In the State columns, it seems to be reflecting a portion of the highest State total, rather than the grand total.

    Here is another visual representation:

    As explained above, there are two things I want to do here:

    1. I want to adjust the Data bar in the State rows to reflect a portion of the grand total, not a portion of the state's total.
    2. I want to adjust the Pct% column in each row to reflect a percentage of the grand total, not just the Deductible divided by 1000.

    Once these two problems are out of the way, the rest should resolve itself.


    Joe Gratz
    Data Analyst