Stephen Lambert

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I strategically facilitate university advancement. I am a research and analytics professional. I passionately promote higher education because in it we maximize mankind’s potential and best qualities. I look to work where I can thrive, apply my most advanced skills, and regularly see my impact. I am a subject matter expert in predictive fundraising models and have presented to international audiences on the subject.
I use qualitative and quantitative tools (relational, computational, mathematical, and statistical) to extract knowledge from data. That involves obtaining the data, managing it, processing it, learning from it, presenting the results, and creating tools that aid decision-making.
I value collaboration, knowledge, and hard work. The impact of my values includes the optimization of critical decision-making processes such as prospect identification and evaluation, segmentation, gift solicitation, campaign planning, and program evaluation. My work maximizes efficiency in reaching revenue and engagement goals. My values enhance strategic foresight, vision with systems thinking, motivating and empowering, and partnering for true data-driven decision-leadership. Without these values, organizations fail to maintain fundraising capacity and to make sound decisions.