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Disable Open Registration : Power Apps Portal

By Nagaraja Emmadisetty posted Dec 10, 2019 11:24 AM


Portal visitors can authenticate to Power Apps Portal by using local user credentials or external identity provider accounts.

Visitors who are sent an invitation code (by the portal administrator) have the option to redeem the code in the process of signing up for a new user account.

A new visitor can register for a new user account either by providing a username and password or by signing in through an external provider. This is called Open Registration.

By enabling open registration , we are allowing any anonymous visitor to the portal to create a new user account which is not ideal use case. So it is better to disable open registration for portals .

Here are the steps required to disable to open registration.

Steps 1: Navigate to ‘Dynamics 365 Portals’ Model Driven App (user should be System Admin/ Portal Admin)

Step 2: Navigate to Site Settings -> Active Site Settings -> Authentication/Registration/OpenRegistrationEnabled

Step 3 : Update value to false

Step 4: Clear the portal cache,sign out from the portal and check if registration is disabled

Conclusion :

If we want to remove the new registration  we can use the ‘Authentication/Registration/OpenRegistrationEnabled’ site setting and set value to ‘false’.

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