Power Apps & Automate Black Belt Training Series

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What is the Power Apps & Automate Black Belt Series?

This 4-part online course series provides you with the ability to learn the essential aspects of both Power Apps and Power Automate. This foundational learning will provide you with the confidence to build, publish, and share new apps. You’ll also gain the knowledge of how to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services.

Where do I start?

Sign-up for the Blue Belt course and start watching videos. The first section will walk you through where to get the software, sample files and anything else you may need to learn. Purchase the whole series and save

How will it benefit me?

Power Apps makes it quick and easy to create and develop business level apps using streamlined development tools and standard connectors that can readily integrate with Office 365 technologies.

Power Automate is a cloud-based toolset that enable automation between apps, services, and people. Build time saving workflows to drive efficiencies across your organization.

How does the Black Belt Series work?

The Power Apps & Automate Black Belt is a four-part progressive series of online and on-demand 24x7 training courses. Students will view short educational and demonstration videos throughout their experience. The courses also contain knowledge checks and lab exercises. At the completion of this progressive online course series you will have created an app and automated it.

You can earn one belt at a time or opt for the full series and save money.

Why this training?

  • You can learn at your desk, at your pace, at your convenience
  • This class format includes high quality videos streamed directly to your device, online labs, and additional resources
  • Gain foundational knowledge that will help you to expand your expertise


Students must progress through all of the belts, in order, to receive Black Belt Certification.


Online learning access will be granted within 1 working day of registration. Once granted access, students will have 30 days access to the learning environment. Students can work at their own pace and access the materials 24x7 during that 30-day period.

Contact Academy@DynamicCommunities.com if a limited extension is needed to complete the full series.

Who is the target audience?

This course series is for those users who will be developing, creating, editing and managing Apps built with Microsoft Power Apps. Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate are geared for the Developer and the Citizen Developer alike. Likewise, this course is also geared toward the Developer and the Citizen Developer.

These products are built to empower users/designers to create custom applications/integrations without typical coding expertise. Power Apps and Power Automate use single functional coding, like T-SQL, Excel Functions, DAX, etc. which enable the non-coder designers with the ability to build and create. Developers/Coders can take these principles and develop Apps and Flows to a higher level.

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An Introduction to Power Apps and Power Automate

  • Creating a Simple flow in Power Automate
  • Creating an Auto Generated Canvas App in Power Apps
  • Run a Power App
  • Canvas App Templates
  • Power Automate Templates
  • Formatting screens and fields
  • Galleries
  • Power Automate flows in Power Apps
  • Power Automate Triggers, Schedules and Buttons
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Customizing Apps and Power Automate

  • Power Apps Connectors
  • On-Premises Gateway
  • Creating an App from SharePoint Online
  • Working with Dates
  • Lookup Values
  • Tables and Controls
  • Delegation
  • Collections
  • Power BI Visuals in an App
  • Apps in a Power BI Report
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Non-Canvas Apps

  • Power Apps Environments
  • Model Driven Apps
  • Apps and Common Data Service
  • Power App Portals
  • Importing and Exporting
  • PowerApps Portals
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Advanced Topics Power Apps & Power Automate

  • Custom Connectors
  • Sharing Apps
  • Security
  • AI Builder
  • Administration